For Companies

Are you surprised by lack-luster and "not-what-you-asked-for" deliverables from your employees? Concerned about poor communication or lack of employee engagement at your organization?


I provide services to corporations and organizations that want to: 

  • Have employees work align with company goals 
  • Improve communication among teams and coworkers
  • Provide staff training that will boost morale and the bottom line


After understanding the concerns about communication in your office, I will provide a training tailored to your needs. Topics can include: 

  • How to Communicate Effectively at Work.
  • Enhancing Professionalism Authentically 
  • How Your Job Can Support Your Professional Development 
  • Project and Team Communication
  • Managing Up 
  • Tips for New Managers

Communication Assessments

I'll do a thorough analysis of the communication flow and work flow for a specific team or group. This includes: 

  • Interview with the program manager to understand concerns, desired outcomes, and workflow 
  • Discussions with all or selected team members (including management, project leads, or other key personnel) to understand communication flow.
  •  A report of the communication flow, strengths and weaknesses, and suggestions of action items.
  • A follow up debrief with the management team. 

I can also tailor a package that will work best for you and your employees. Looking forward to working with you!