Career Coach and Workplace Communication Consultant

Stephanie Dennis Career Coach

Imagine feeling in control over your career, on-track, and certain about your next steps. Let me help you devise a plan to deal with the day-to-day while advancing your career and moving towards your goals.  We’ll strategize how to make your job work for you. 

For organizations, imagine having systems and procedures in place for clear communication. I provide tailored staff training to boost morale and enhance teamwork. Or, let me do a workplace communication analysis and propose systems and procedures to improve communication, streamline operations, and help you deliver to your customers.  

I have benefited from working with Stephanie on so many levels.  Although I had an idea of my working style, I viewed some of my traits as negative.  Stephanie allowed me to see how these traits were actually strengths and how I could use them to really enhance my work relationships.  Additionally she helped me to tap into career interests and really rekindle my excitement for my chosen career.


I would totally recommend Stephanie!  She is really skilled in pin pointing what is holding you back at work and then, helping you craft your own solution.


I still playback snippets of Stephanie’s advice that resonated with me or helps out in a particular scenario. I remind myself of her feedback and suggestions and try to implement them.


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