Nurture Your Career, Be Happier at Work, and Unlock the Secrets to Workplace Success

Do you feel discouraged and lost at work? You may be worried about falling behind while others seem to effortlessly get ahead. You're tired of being micromanaged, wondering what the heck your boss is thinking, and worrying about being blindsided or criticized. You're doubting your next steps and may be losing confidence because of the constant negativity from your colleagues or boss.

You Have More Control Than You Think

Stephanie Dennis Career Coach

It’s no fun to slog into work, wondering how you will get through the day, and dream about telling your boss you quit.

I truly believe that once you get clear on your strengths and goals, you can take charge of your career and set the course for your future. You can actually make your job support you as you reach your goals.

When I became a supervisor, I felt like I was given the keys to a secret room. All the junk that was hidden in it burst out and scattered across the floor. It was eye opening to see different people’s work styles and overall approach.

There are certain actions and behaviors that separate the top performers from the rest. I remember thinking, "Why doesn't anyone talk about this stuff?" These are all things that can be learned. 

I've worked for small businesses and startups, nonprofits, and the government. I've led high-profile projects, worked with large and small groups, and managed teams. All the while, I've observed and mastered the tricks to making sense out of work. As a supervisor, I enjoyed the process of mentoring, hiring, and working with people on their professional development so much that I decided to focus on that full time and create Communicate to Thrive.

You Can Thrive At Work 

If you feel like a discouraged worker bee, I offer a number of services to help you: 

  • Shake your feelings of unworthiness and being lost at work. 
  • Get focused on your professional goals and make a plan to achieve them. 
  • Be seen as invaluable at work. 
  • Tailor a resume for a particular job or prepare for an interview. 
  • Get a "second-opinion" on a frustrating workplace situation. 

I also work directly with companies and organizations to enhance workplace communication and streamline operations. Let me create procedures and processes to add efficiencies, end confusion, and enhance teamwork. 

Ready for a free, no-strings strategy session about your career?

You can share the low-down on your work life and we'll talk about what you can do right now to start taking back control. 

Stephanie Dennis has over 20 years of work experience and has managed both people and high-profile projects at small businesses, startups, nonprofits and the federal government. She created Communicate to Thrive to help people take charge of their career growth and professional development. She lives in the Washington, DC area with her husband and three children. She holds a Bachelor's in English Language and Literature and a Masters in Library Science, both from the University of Maryland College Park. 

Stephanie Dennis Meeting with a Client