Work With Me

Stop agonizing over work and feeling alone. Let me root for you as we work on a plan for your career development and give you back control. I offer a variety of career coaching services and packages to fit your needs, time, and budget. Also, we can discuss a package tailored for you.

Our first call is free. We'll discuss your career concerns and goals from coaching, I'll answer your questions about my approach, and we'll see if it is good fit. We'll meet via audio or video call, and we can work out meeting times that are convenient for you.

Managers and Companies: Invest in a workplace communication assessment or communication training for your staff. 

Career Coaching Packages

Strengths Identification 

The core reason for job dissatisfaction is having a job that doesn't support your strengths and values. Let's tap into your super powers and understand what you need to move forward. This package includes:

  • Access to the Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment, which will tell you your top five strengths. 
  • Two hour-long calls to discuss the impact of your strengths on your daily professional life, and to outline your core values and needs from your job. 
  • An infographic designed just for you. This "Cheat Sheet" will define your special skills and offer at-a-glance tips for how you can be your best self and be aware of your tripping points. 

$400 investment

Getting Unstuck or Looking for a Change

Sick of feeling stuck in your career? We'll come up with a plan to break through the barriers and move forward. Together we will: 

  • Have five hour-long sessions, and unlimited email questions during that time.
  • Identify your workplace values. These are your essentials that must be met by your job. This includes access to the Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment. 
  • Work on your goals. What must happen for you to feel unstuck? Do you want to find a new job, improve your job, be recognized at work, receive a promotion, work in a different setting, etc?
  • Get a lay of the land. We'll assess your current situation. What are your assets for trying to achieve your goals? What is your timeline? What is realistic?
  • Strategize! We'll develop a plan with action items to get you towards your goal. 

$750 investment

Resume Review / Interview Preparation 

Depending on where you are in the job hunt, we can work on your resume, practice for an interview, or do both. 

Resume Writing & Updating 

The package will vary depending on where you are in the process. At a minimum, we'll: 

  • Have a 45-minute long discussion about your resume and your future dream job. 
  • Update and propose revisions to your resume.
  • Have a half-hour debrief on the new resume. 

Starts at $400

Interview Preparation

Dread the idea of your next interview? To walk in there with confidence, we'll:

  • Have a 45-minute long session to discuss the specific job, background, and organization.
  • Have a mock interview and debrief.
  • A half-hour wrap up that will leave you ready to ace the next interview! 

Starts at $450

Workplace Issues or "Second-Opinion" 

Wondering how to handle a particular situation at work? Maybe you want to talk about how to deal with a micromanager, boost your confidence at work, transition gracefully to a new job, or map out the office politics where you work. Or, you may need an advocate and cheerleader for you as you navigate through a workplace frustration! This package includes: 

  • Three sessions to discuss your particular challenge. 
  • Unlimited emails during the period of time. 

$450 investment

Complete Career Recharge

With this ultimate career package, we will knock your career blues to the curb and you'll be reinvigorated and ready to be in charge of your professional development. We will identify your workplace strengths and values, focus on your career goals, discuss barriers. enhance your mindset, control your personal brand, and devise a strategy to move ahead. This package includes: 

  • Nine hour-long sessions, and unlimited email questions during that time. 
  • Access to the Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment, which will tell you your top five strengths. 
  • An infographic designed just for you. This "Cheat Sheet" will highlight your special skills and provide at-a-glance tops for how to be your best self.
  • Clarity on your career goals and a strategy for how to meet those goals. 
  • A resume refresh and revision. 
  • A complete personal branding assessment.

$2100 investment

We can also discuss your specific needs and I'll tailor a package that will work best for you. Looking forward to working with you!