Align Your Job With Your Values
At the beginning of the pandemic, those of us still employed felt the “I'm lucky to have a job” pressure.[...]
Oh, The Humanity!: Working with Your Colleagues During the COVID Pandemic
Working with your colleagues and coworkers during the COVID-19 pandemic brings up communication challenges that we’ve (thankfully) never dealt with[...]
It Must Be Nice: Working with Your Colleagues During the COVID Pandemic
Communicating with colleagues and coworkers during a pandemic is, thankfully, something you probably haven’t done before.  It seems that whatever[...]
Avoid Unexpected Reactions at Work: Watch for Red Flags
We’ve all been there. You are blindsided by an explosively negative reaction to a random comment you made, a business[...]
Signs You May be Fired
Getting fired or laid off feels like a slap to the face. If it hasn’t happened to you, you probably[...]
Addressing Your Cover Letter
You’ve written a great cover letter and then get stuck on how to address it. Sound familiar?  Conventional advice is[...]

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