The Myth of The Dream Job
“We only have one soulmate in this world,” she said while looking sadly at me and thinking of her recent[...]
Fear of Failure: Take the Shot!
While at my son’s basketball practice, I overheard a conversation between the coach and one of the players. The coach[...]
A Long Time Ago, In An Office Far Far Away: The Last Jedi Leadership Lessons
****Spoiler Alert****Beware, This article has spoilers about the Last Jedi Beware the New Boss The Last Jedi  continues the story[...]
Take Action One Step At A Time
I met with a new client who’s trying to figure out her next steps and is unsure of how to[...]
Get Excited About Your Future
“I’m so excited about the future,” my friend said to me with such passion that I could feel the joy[...]
Think Confident, Be Confident
Guest post by Jess Hopp Many people in their career are pressured to believe they need to reach monetary milestones[...]

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